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Cult of Masculinity in “In the Country of Men”

In the book â€Å"In the Country of Men†, Hisham Matar, the writer talks about his youth involvement with the 1970's during the unrest in Libya. When men overwhelmed and totally commanded ladies. The title itself portrays Libya as a nation that has a place with men where ladies are utilized like devices. We see that Suleiman needs to turn into a man at the earliest opportunity through the story yet then again, the story likewise discusses a female being Suleiman’s mother †Najwa who thinks she lost her opportunity when she was only 14 and needed to get hitched. Be that as it may, after all the improvement from the 1970’s till today, the present age considers the two people similarly controlled. Directly from the beginning, it tends to be anticipated that Suleiman needs to take care of business. At the point when baba goes on the purported â€Å"business trip†, Suleiman is the main male in the house making him the man of the house. It is only the way how baba says it each time he leaves †â€Å"Take care of your mom, you are the man of the house now† (61). Suleiman handles these duties well indeed. He deals with his mom as he most likely is aware very well that she is sick each time baba isn't home and needs to assume control over a men's duty of dealing with his mom. He even discussions about him ready to take obligations like his dad and be much the same as him, a man. Later in the story, we additionally observe the religion of manliness ask through Suleiman when he and the other neighborhood kids were at Adnan’s house to see him embeddings an infusion in himself because of his ailment. â€Å"I additionally appealed to God for an infection that would give me what Adnan had† (126). Suleiman feels that Adnan’s sickness causes him to appear to be more seasoned and progressively free like a man. Along these lines Suleiman needs to have Adnan’s disease with the goal that he also could resemble a man. â€Å"I couldn’t hold back to be a man† (148). Suleiman’s words demonstrate how he needs to turn into a man and wouldn't like to fall into kid’s class. In any case, on the opposite side, there are still pieces of information given all through the story that demonstrate how Suleiman has neglected to take care of business. For instance, during the visit of the RCC (Revolutionary Committee Men) to Baba’s house to discover Baba and any proof against him. â€Å"I was wet underneath my garments and acknowledged what I had done. The pee felt warm and cold and clingy to my skin† (64). At the point when the RCC man had gotten some information about his dad, Suleiman gets frightened and pees himself not having the option to control him. Despite the fact that he was the â€Å"man of the house† this episode demonstrates him as a child who can't control himself. Another model was when Najwa educates Suleiman regarding how Faraj, who she had a place with, and the various men out there needed to cut his wife’s cover and drain her to demonstrate his significant other as a virgin. â€Å"I didn’t realize what Mama implied, yet expected that when the opportunity arrived I probably won't have the stuff to ‘puncture’ a women† (13). Suleiman fears he probably won't have the option to perform the responsibility that each man is to do to demonstrate his significant other a virgin. Despite the fact that there are a few duties of a man that Suleiman has satisfied, he despite everything questions on the off chance that he will have the option to be a genuine man simply like his dad was. Najwa, Suleiman's mother, as she like to state, lost her opportunity when she was only 14 years of age. She had been compelled to wed a totally weird man who was 9 years more seasoned than her despite the fact that she needed to finish her training first. She being the young lady was not permitted to dismiss the marriage or even contend to protect herself. The High Council chose my fate† (144). At the point when she says â€Å"High Council† it implied all the guys in the house †her dad and every one of her siblings. Here we see that ladies had no decisions however to obey what the guys or supposed â€Å"High Council † said. Additionally the main motivation behind why the family to wed Najwa as fast as conceivable is on the grounds that one of her sibling had seen her with another person same age as her at the Italian Coffee shop thus they needed to dispose of her before somebody can spread bits of gossip about them and ruin their notoriety. In a family like Najwa's, individuals thought increasingly about the family's notoriety at that point ever thinking about a lady. She recollected her grandma state to her â€Å"If a slave came to propose, a slave as dark as this night, I would offer you to him†(144). This very demonstrated young ladies/ladies didn't reserve any option to support themselves. They were only there to keep their men glad and follow their requests. After the â€Å"Black day† †day she got compelled to wed baba, her life has not changed without a doubt. She is just there to keep baba upbeat since he is the man of the house. At the point when baba is away she is sick. She begins drinking liquor as an indication of despondency because of the opportunity she has lost. Also, when baba returns, she spruces up great to satisfy her man. â€Å"During those evenings, when Baba was home, Mama hauled her sweeping behind her to the sofa† (85). She doesn't prefer to rest in the bed with Bu Suleiman despite the fact that he is her significant other. Notwithstanding on the off chance that the man requests something, at that point she was unable to dismiss him. She is fundamentally similar to a captive of the man in the house. For instance, the conjugal bed scene portrays what she needs to accomplish for her man. â€Å"I saw him on her†¦. she lay underneath him, unmoving, looking away†(86). Additionally, the main job of ladies found in the book is â€Å"A ladies must be youthful and sufficiently able to hold up under kids and work well for the man into his old age† (151). This certainly demonstrates how ladies didn't reserve the options to communicate them self, were dealt with like slaves and their lone job was to comply with their man. Along these lines, it could be presumed that the Cult of Masculinity hugy affects Suleiman and Mama. Guys are constantly viewed as the more significant position expert in a family. It changes the way how Suleiman thinks and how Um Suleiman †Najwa misfortunes her privileges to carry on with her life the manner in which she needs to. In any case, it despite everything concerns me why ladies were dealt with so inconsistent contrasted with today. Today the ladies don't simply need to deal with their family however can likewise work in a vocation they need to, while being dealt with similarly as men.

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Women behave ambitiously and aggressive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ladies carry on yearningly and forceful - Essay Example On a similar note, Sandberg’s individual experience shows that ladies are similarly serious as their male partners (5). In this regard, ladies ought to benefit from their desire and forceful work environment conduct in guaranteeing that they run the world close by men. Ladies are not seen decidedly in the working environment since they have surrendered to the generalization dangers where they accept that they can't be on equivalent levels with the men adjusting family and work duties and henceforth wind up surrendering. This is additionally strengthened by the way that ladies who are driven to be pioneers are debilitated, disgraced and even called threatening names. This add to slamming their eager dreams and they leave to working at the lower levels in any work environment and letting he men start to lead the pack. Despite the fact that aggressive ladies are not seen decidedly in each workplace, it is significant for ladies not to surrender. Battle for governmental policy regarding minorities in society and advancement of ladies rights has been dynamic throughout the most recent quite a few years, a perception that events ladies to stay positive over their aspirations (Fels 120). In today’s society, there are numerous ladies CEOs than at any other time recorded ever. What's more, Shafer (72) fights that ladies have progressively taken up political initiative situations around the globe. This shows being yearning and forceful is certain, and ladies ought to permit the world to progress to this contemporary reality. On the off chance that ladies see their desire to be sure, the worldwide populace will follow the equivalent

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How Long Does Lortab Stay in Your System

How Long Does Lortab Stay in Your System Addiction Drug Use Opioids Print How Long Does Lortab Stay in Your System? Lortab in Your Blood, Urine, Hair, Saliva By Buddy T facebook twitter Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. Learn about our editorial policy Buddy T Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on January 23, 2020 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on February 10, 2020 Mladen Zivkovic/ Getty Images More in Addiction Drug Use Opioids Cocaine Heroin Marijuana Meth Ecstasy/MDMA Hallucinogens Prescription Medications Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery In This Article Table of Contents Expand How Long Does It Take to Feel Effects? How Long Does Lortab Last? Factors That Affect Detection Time How to Get Lortab Out of Your System Symptoms of Overdose Getting Help View All Back To Top Lortab is a combination drug prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain. It combines the opiate hydrocodone with acetaminophen (Lortab) or with aspirin (Lortab ASA). Similar hydrocodone-acetaminophen combination products include Anexsia, Anolor DH, Lorcet, Norco, Vicodin, and Zydone. The main difference between these medications is the amounts of hydrocodone and acetaminophen contained in one dose. Drugs that contain hydrocodone like Lortab are classified as Schedule II drugs, meaning they are considered to have a high potential for misuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. While this medication is in your system, you are at risk for drug interactions and overdoses. Knowing how long Lortab is present in the body can help you understand and avoid these risks. How Long Does Lortab Stay in Your System? Blood: Up to 24 hoursUrine: Up to three daysSaliva: Up to three daysHair: Up to 90 days Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen for Treating Pain How Long Does It Take to Feel Effects? Lortab is taken as an oral tablet, so the drug must first pass through the digestive system before it takes effect. The acetaminophen component of Lortab is absorbed rapidly from the gastrointestinal tract and start having pain-relieving effects within 30 minutes. The hydrocodone in Lortab acts more slowly, but usually begins working within 30 to 60 minutes of ingestion. The package insert for Lortab suggests that following a 10mg oral dose, the hydrocodone component reaches peak blood concentration levels 1.3 hours after ingestion.?? The pain-relieving effects usually last between four and six hours. How Long Does Lortab Last? Determining exactly how long Lortab is active or detectable in the body depends on many variables.  The acetaminophen in Lortab has a half-life in the blood of about one and a quarter to three hours. This is the time in which half of it is no longer acting in your system. The exact half-life can vary depending on a number of factors, including how well your liver functions. Hydrocodone is processed by the liver and broken down into metabolites including hydromorphone and norhydrocodone. Approximately 85% of a single dose is eliminated through urine within 24 hours.?? Hydrocodone has a half-life of about four hours; it takes five to six half-lives to eliminate most of the drug from your system. That said, hydrocodone can be detected in the urine for up to three days. If you take a urine drug screen while you are taking Lortab, it is likely to test positive for opiates. Be sure to disclose your medications to the testing laboratory so they can interpret your test accurately. Urine Lortab will show up on the standard drug screenings that are commonly administered in employment, forensic, and medical settings. It is detectable by urine tests for up to three days after last use, although individual detection windows can vary depending on factors including metabolism and frequency of use. Blood Blood tests are used less frequently than urine screenings. While the detection windows are much shorter, blood tests may be used in some cases to help confirm an unexpected positive result on a urine test. Blood tests can usually only detect the presence of hydrocodone for up to 24 hours after the last dose. Saliva Hydrocodone is detectable in oral fluid for up to three days after the last dose of Lortab.  Like urine tests, saliva tests are fairly non-invasive and inexpensive to administer. However, Lortab can also cause side effects such as dry mouth, which can impact the ability to collect an adequate sample. Hair As with other substances, the hydrocodone component of Lortab is detectable through a hair follicle test for as long as 90 days. Hair tests are not normally part of a standard drug screen but may be used in some cases to evaluate past drug use. False Positive Testing While a useful, simple, and inexpensive tool, immunoassay urine drug screens can return false-positive results. Quinolone antibiotics such as levofloxacin and ofloxacin can cause a false-positive opiate screening.?? The consumption of poppy seeds can cause a false positive test result for opiates. While only present in trace amounts, poppy seeds do contain enough codeine and morphine to show up on enzyme immunoassay (EIA) tests that are often used in workplace and medical drug screenings.?? Certain medications, including allergy drugs containing diphenhydramine and doxylamine, can also produce false positives for opiates. Tell the testing lab about any medications that you are currently taking or if you have consumed poppy seeds in any form so that they are able to accurately interpret your test results. Factors That Affect Detection Time It is important to remember that the above detection windows are just estimates. There are a number of different variables that can influence how long Lortab will remain in your system. Age The prescribing information for Lortab suggests that there is not enough research on whether the drug affects the elderly differently.?? However, since the drug is excreted primarily by the kidneys and because older adults are more likely to have decreased renal function, this may mean that the drug stays in an older persons system for a longer period of time.   Metabolism Overall metabolism plays a critical role in determining how long a substance remains in the body. People with faster metabolisms tend to process substances more quickly, while those with slower metabolisms may have slower clearance rates. Fluid Intake Because Lortab is excreted primarily by the kidneys, the amount of fluid you take in can impact how quickly the drug is flushed out of your body. It can also impact how detectable substances are by diluting the amount that is in your urine. Liver and Kidney Function Hydrocodone and acetaminophen are both processed by the liver and excreted by the kidneys, so decreased hepatic or renal function can extend how long these substances remain in your system. Dosage and Duration of Use The amount of Lortab you are taking and how long you have been taking it also plays a major role in how long it can be detected in your body. It takes longer for higher doses to clear your system. If you have been taking Lortab for a while, it may build up in the tissues of your body, making it detectable for a longer period of time. Other Medications and Substances Alcohol and other substances can interact with hydrocodone and acetaminophen in Lortab and extend the detection time of these substances. Because your body may be trying to process multiple substances at the same time, it can slow down your bodys ability to effectively metabolize and excrete each substance. In particular, drugs that affect the pathway cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) make it more difficult for your body to process and clear hydrocodone.?? How to Get Lortab Out of Your System There are some reasons why you might want to get Lortab out of your system more quickly, such as if you are planning to switch to different medications or taking another medication containing acetaminophen or hydrocodone. Making sure that you are well hydrated, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise may help improve your bodys ability to metabolize and eliminate your medications more efficiently.   The first step to eliminating Lortab from your system is to stop taking it, but you should always talk to your doctor before you take this step.   Symptoms of Overdose One reason that it is important to know how long Lortab remains in the system is its potential to interact with other drugs. If the pain-killing effects of Lortab wear off, but the drug is still in the system, an overdose is possible if you take more of the drug or another drug containing the same ingredients too soon. The following are some of the symptoms that can occur with a Lortab overdose: Difficulty breathingSlowed or stopped breathingExcessive sleepinessSpasms of the stomach or intestinal tractDizzinessFaintingLimp or weak musclesLiver failureNarrowing or widening of the pupilsCold, clammy skinSeizuresSlow or stopped heartbeatStomach and intestinal spasmsBlue color of skin, fingernails, lipsLoss of consciousness or coma If You Suspect an Overdose Seek immediate medical help. Do not make the person vomit unless specifically told to do so by poison control (1-800-222-1222), a health care professional, or 911.It would be helpful to provide the following information if you can. Dont delay in calling for help to gather it, however:The persons age, weight, and health condition(s)Name of the product taken (ingredients and strength, if known)The time it was swallowedAmount swallowedIf the medication was prescribed for the patient Understanding Opioid Overdoses Overdose Treatment If someone experiencing a suspected Lortab overdose is taken to the emergency room, their vital signsâ€"including temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressureâ€"will be monitored closely and their symptoms treated as appropriate. How well the overdose victim recovers will depend on how much of the drug they took and how quickly treatment was administered. The sooner they receive medical help, the better the prognosis. The prompt administration of the opioid-blocking drug naloxone (Narcan) can often reverse the overdose symptoms quite dramatically. How to Help Someone If They Overdose on Opioids Risk of Drug Interactions Taking Lortab carries the risk of dangerous interactions with a number of different substances including alcohol and other prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. You must not drink alcohol, take any medication containing alcohol, or use street drugs while you are taking Lortab or you risk life-threatening reactions. You should carefully review the list of the non-prescription and prescription drugs that you take (preferably with your doctor or pharmacist) to look for acetaminophen or paracetamol on the label. Interactions With Hydrocodone Some medications can interact with the hydrocodone in Lortab to produce breathing problems, sedation, or coma. You should avoid benzodiazepines, including Xanax (alprazolam), Librium (chlordiazepoxide), Klonopin (clonazepam), Diastat (diazepam), Valium (diazepam), Ativan (lorazepam), Restoril (temazepam), Halcion (triazolam), and others. Muscle relaxants, sedatives, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and medicines for mental illness or nausea are also some of the drugs that interact with hydrocodone. Interactions With Other Acetaminophen-Containing Drugs While acetaminophen is found in over-the-counter products like Tylenol and some OTC cold and flu preparations, it has a narrow safety range. If you take more than 4000 milligrams in a day, you risk irreversible liver damage and even death. Often, people who have experienced this type of liver injury report that they didnt realize how much acetaminophen they were getting in aggregate from a variety of over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Combination drugs like Lortab are now limited to no more than 325mg of acetaminophen per tablet, capsule, or dosage unit to help prevent a dangerous overdose, but you should still take care to avoid any other medications containing acetaminophen while taking Lortab. Getting Help Taking Lortab can lead to physical dependence, even if you take your medication as directed. When your body becomes dependent on a drug, you need to continue taking it in order to avoid experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Always talk to your doctor if you want to decrease your dose or stop taking Lortab. Symptoms of opioid withdrawal can include: Runny noseMuscle achesFatigueChillsSweatingVomitingDiarrhea These symptoms can feel like having the flu and usually lasts for about five to seven days. When stopping Lortab, your doctor may want to gradually reduce your dose, a process known as tapering, in order to minimize these symptoms.   If you think you may be dependent or addicted to Lortab or other opioid medications,  talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Your doctor can help you stop taking your medication safely, manage your withdrawal symptoms, and find other pain relief options. Inpatient and outpatient services are also available that can help support your long-term recovery. If you need help finding treatment services in your area, reach out to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at 1-800-662-4357 or try their online treatment locator. Treatment for Opioid Addiction

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Huck Finn Morals Essay - 1365 Words

Along the path of self-discovery, challenges constantly present themselves as opportunities to grow intellectually and as a chance to succeed. Often times, the use of personal judgment and self-understanding is necessary in order to overcome these challenges. In Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck experiences difficulties which compel him to use his moral judgment. Huck, a young boy in search of freedom, is accompanied by a runaway slave named Jim as he embarks on a treacherous journey down the Mississippi River. During his adventure, Huck must determine the fate of the runaway slave. However, as his relationship with the slave deepens, he comes to realize this task is far from simple. Huck faces this life-defining yet†¦show more content†¦Although he predicts society will deem him to be a low down Abolitionist and despise me for keeping mum, he prefers to be shunned and to risk punishment and shame for the sake of freeing Jim (Twain 43). Clearly, Hucks fond ness for Jim is evident when Huck intends to send a letter to Miss Watson returning Jim but chooses to rip it to save him instead. Huck responds, ‘Ill right, then, Ill go to hell- and he tore it up (Twain 214). Huck accepts his rebellious nature and terrible fate to hell as he escapes from civilized society and into a place driven by his instincts. Jims desire for freedom puts Huck in a moral dilemma because he must decide whether to follow his innate sense of morality or the restrictive guidelines of society. Similar to Hucks willingness to face punishment for illegal activity and nonconformity, Galileo went against the Catholic Churchs beliefs and declared that the Earth went around the Sun. An Italian astronomer and physicist, Galileo Galilei invented the telescope in 1609 and his observations supported Copernicus theory that all planets revolved around the Sun. However, Galileos belief faced much opposition as it did not follow the ideas of the Church, which had monumental i nfluence on society at that time. This indeed set the scene for an individuals clash with the ideals of society. Although Galileo did not want to instigate conflict, he couldShow MoreRelatedHuck Finn Essay: Moral Reconciliation832 Words   |  4 Pagesof the story to the end, Huckleberry Finn’s morals change rather dramatically and the novel focuses largely on this. Forced to reconcile his personal feelings of friendship for an escaped slave (Jim) with what society has told him is right, Huck learns through the course of the story to trust his moral instincts. As the story progresses, we see Huck’s character develop strong morals that eventually lead to his reconciliation. Early in the book, Huck is shown to have a low level of maturity andRead MoreHuck Finn Moral Integrity Essay1267 Words   |  6 Pages The Moral Integrity of Huckleberry Finn Morality is most often defined as â€Å"the principles concerning a distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.† A choice will always be made that defines a character and their moral integrity. In Mark Twain’s novel, â€Å"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn†, Huck encounters a frequent amount of circumstances where he or other characters are put into situations in which morality is called into question. This proves that regardless of religious influencesRead MoreEssay on Tracing the Moral Development of Huck Finn631 Words   |  3 PagesTracing the Moral Development of Huck Finn Living in the 1800s wasnt an easy task. There were many hardships that a person had to endure. In the novel, The Adventures of Huck Finn, the author Mark Twain portrays the adventure of a young boy. Huck, the young boy, goes on a journey with various dilemmas. The novel starts off in Missouri on the Mississippi River. Huck is taken from his guardians by his father and then decides to runaway from him. On his journey, he meets up with hisRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain Essay1055 Words   |  5 PagesJhonatan Zambrano Mrs. Patmor AP Lit-Period 5 28 September 2016 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1835 Mark Twain embodies realism in almost every aspect of his writing not excluding The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which in he portrays such a lifelike setting that it almost gives you this sense of reality through the point of view of a young man that has an urge for freedom yet struggles to conform to society s norms due to his adolescence. Twain s ability to unmask the true identities of theRead More charhf Character in Huckleberry Finn Essay examples1304 Words   |  6 PagesHuckleberry Finn Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of the world’s most acclaimed books. Twain accomplishes this with his extraordinary power of humor, his use of dialect, and by creating complex and unique characters. Developing his characters is one of the greatest assets he has in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A character that exemplifies this most is Huck Finn, first appearing as rouge, but later transforming into a character with high moral values. Read MoreHuckleberry Finn and the use of Satire Essay1109 Words   |  5 Pages Huck Finn and the use of Satire Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has been controversial ever since its release in 1884. It has been called everything from the root of modern American literature to a piece of racist trash. Many scholars have argued about Huck Finn being prejudiced. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain uses satire to mock many different aspects of the modern world. Despite the fact that many critics have accused Mark Twain’s novel of promoting racismRead MoreEssay about Huck Finn1567 Words   |  7 PagesHuck Finn Throughout the ages The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has been a treasured novel to people of all ages. For young adults the pure adventuresome properties of the book captivates and inspires wild journeys into the unknown. The book appeals to them only as a quest filled with danger and narrow escapes. It is widely considered â€Å"that children of 12 or so are a little too young to absorb the book’s complexities† (Galileo: Morrow). However, as readers mature and become older, theyRead MoreHuck Finn Comparison Essay986 Words   |  4 PagesHuckleberry Finn Comparison Essay The great American novel â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn† by Mark Twain is about a white southern raised child named Huck Finn and a runaway slave, Jim, running away together. This novel is similar in ways to that of the novel â€Å"The Great Gatsby† by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which is about â€Å"the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love Daisy Buchanan.†(Book Cover) The character Huckleberry Finn is similar to characters of â€Å"The Great Gatsby.† Huck Finn is similarRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1164 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Paper In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain writes about the events in Huckleberry Finn’s life and the people around him. Huckleberry Finn tells the tale of life in the nineteenth century through the eyes of a 14-year-old boy struggling to find his place in this society. Throughout the story Huck deals with several moral issues; such as slavery, his distrust of society, and social order. In this essay I will discuss moral issues that Huck Finn faces in the story. The story takes placesRead MoreAnalysis Of Mark Twain s The Adventure Of Huckleberry Finn 1064 Words   |  5 PagesLa Plante Honors English 11 AA Fifth Hour 8 January 2015 Unit IV Essay Mark Twain argues that â€Å"self-moral code† votes society’s â€Å"moral code† in determining what’s right or wrong. He supports his assertion by juxtaposing Huck Finn s believes to society’s morality and making fun of the idea of speeches. In order to manifest his beliefs to the readers, Twain uses Juvenalian satire and irony to demand society to second guess the moral codes set by society and instead for each person to focus on their

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Article Review On Deforestation And Deforestation - 999 Words

Government source (Our Planet) Latham, S. Habitat Loss. Our Planet. N.p., 5 July 2013. Web. 05 Nov. 2014. http://ourplanet.infocentral.state.gov/habitat-loss. The article focuses on the habitat loss due to deforestation. The author talks about the different purpose of deforestation such as agriculture, forestry, or water projects that endangers the species that live in the area. The article is based on information taken from World Wildlife Fund, IUCN, and Red List. The information that the author provides is important and useful to the topic of deforestation. Overall, the article is well written and well researched. Mainstream media (The Washington Post) Kirkpatrick, Nick. In Brazil, 20 Million People May Not Have Enough Water. Washington Post. The Washington Post, 27 Oct. 2014. Web. 05 Nov. 2014. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/10/27/in-brazil-20-million-people-may-not-have-enough-water/. The article is about the water shortages due to little rain in southeastern Brazil. It hurts the region’s key crops and the people who live there. Millions of people in the region have been affected it. The water shortage is relevant to the topic of deforestation because it is the consequence of the overly conversion of forest areas to human usage. The author offers the reader statistic numbers, satellite images of the drought areas taken from NASA’s Earth Observatory. These images and statistic numbers are reliable sources to show the seriousShow MoreRelatedDeforestation Effects On Amazon Forest Resilience1725 Words   |  7 Pagesdemand more, more space will be needed and cutting away the trees for humans to use. Deforestation is the act of cutting and clearing a large area of trees. It is the cause of extreme damage to the ecosystem and sustainability of life. Deforestation is negatively affecting the interaction between the water cycle, soil sustainability, and tre es stability. There is a chain reaction due to deforestation. Deforestation leads to decrease in biotic pump disrupting the water cycle leading to a decrease inRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effect On The Global Environment1144 Words   |  5 Pageslimited to deforestation, drastic variations in climate, decline in output of global agricultural industry, degradation of ice sheets in Antarctic, decrease in ocean productivity, rise in sea levels, and increase in tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. The primary reason for global warming has been identified as the continuous increase in energy demand by the global population, which has further increased the dependence of global energy industry on burning fossil fuels. Accordingly, a review of literatureRead MoreDeforestation Of The Amazon Rainforest833 Words   |  4 Pages David Alas ENF 111 11/01/15 The Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest I. Introduction A. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important natural features of our planet, crucial to our way of life. However, what Godfrey (1990) described as â€Å"one of the world’s last great settlement frontiers† is severely under threat. B. According to some experts, during the past 40 years close to 20 % of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed. Furthermore, it has been suggested that this figure could beRead MoreLiterature Review On Easter Island1549 Words   |  7 Pagesneglected to address these issues where that start of a catastrophic population decline. Literature examining Easter Island is contradictive as well as abundant, this literature review to will explore the six articles by Wright (2004), Diamond (2005), Hunt (2006), Diamond (1995) and Caswell (2008). This literature review will cover key points that identify the problems that confronted the population, the likely reasons these problems were not addressed, and how failure to address the problems resultedRead MoreEffects Of Deforestation On Amazon Forest Resilience Research1852 Words   |  8 PagesThere is a chain reaction due to deforestation. Deforestation leads to decrease in biotic pump disrupting the water cycle leading to a decrease in tran spiration and increase in temperature. Such rise in temperature leads to lack of rainfall, increase droughts and forest fires to which the fires will disrupt the water cycle even more. The effects of deforestation on Amazon forest resilience research by Zemp et al. (2017), build upon previous research done in the field of forestry studies and usedRead MoreA Look Into Some Causes, Effects, And Possible Solutions Of Deforestation2536 Words   |  11 PagesAmeera Jafrey Professor Syvates ENST 150 September 22, 2014 A Look into Some Causes, Effects, and Possible Solutions of Deforestation in the Global Environment I. Introduction With society’s demand and need for the earth’s resources, deforestation has long been a prevalent environmental issue at hand and has picked up significant momentum more recently. Deforestation occurs around the world, however, according to GRID-Arendal, it is most prevalent in areas with tropical rainforests suchRead MoreDeforestation Is Justified By Deforestation1964 Words   |  8 Pagesdioxide, a toxic gas. As deforestation occurs, many forests are being wiped out and replaced with farmland. This leads to the question â€Å"Can Deforestation Be Justified?† For the purpose of this essay, deforestation can be defined as Deforestation is the clearing of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest us. Deforestation can be justified because it provides land for farming and natural resources. On the other hand, deforestation cannot be justified becauseRead MoreHealth And Social Harms Of Coal Mining1157 Words   |à ‚  5 PagesHilda â€Æ' Contents Page No. Introduction 3 Health and social harms of coal mining 3 Some serious threats by mining minerals 4 Deforestation 5 Solutions to control mining problems 6 References 7 â€Æ' INTRODUCTION: Generally, the â€Å"Mining† refers to extractionRead MoreSustainable development, a new way of urbanization1271 Words   |  6 Pagesor undermining the quality of the natural environment (Adams.W.M, 1999). Sustainable development plays a growing part in the world today, for its showing us how to reduce the effect caused by rapid urbanization, namely environmental pollution, deforestation, and scarcity of resources. Environmental pollution According to sustainable development, the development of urbanization should be in a eco-friendly way. Along with the speeding urbanization, many factories is zooming in an unbelievable speedRead MoreThe Construction Of A Dam And Its Impact On The Social, Political And Economic Life Of The Indigenous1740 Words   |  7 PagesThese articles discuss the construction of a dam’s project in Mapuche territories and its impact on the social, political and economic life of the indigenous community. The Mapuche people of Southern Chile have a long history and they were able to defend their independence despite many raids by giving many sacrifices. But a final defeat their on the hands of Chilean army forced them to be at the mercy of Chile’s government and then began a long and different fight for survival. They were forcefully

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The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ Chapter 5 Free Essays

Jesus Preaches on the Mountain One day Jesus went out to find a great crowd of people who had come from far away: as well as those from Galilee, people had come from the lands of the Decapolis beyond the Jordan, from Jerusalem and Judea. In order to make it easier for them all to hear his teaching, Jesus climbed up into the mountains a little way, with his disciples and the crowd following. Christ was inconspicuous among them, and no one knew who he was, for they were all strangers to the district. We will write a custom essay sample on The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ Chapter 5 or any similar topic only for you Order Now He had a tablet and a stylus with him to take notes about what Jesus said. When Jesus had reached a prominent spot, he began to speak. ‘What am I preaching?’ he said. ‘The Kingdom of God, that’s what. It’s coming, friends, it’s on its way. And today I’m going to tell you who’s going to be received into the Kingdom, and who isn’t, so pay attention. It’s the difference between being blessed and being cursed. Don’t ignore what I say to you, now. A great deal hangs on this. ‘So here you are then: the poor will be blessed. Those who have nothing now will soon inherit all the Kingdom of God. ‘The hungry will be blessed. In the Kingdom, they will be filled with good food; they will never hunger again. ‘Those who mourn will be blessed; those who weep now will be blessed, because when the Kingdom comes, they will be comforted, and they will laugh with joy. ‘Those who are scorned and hated will be blessed. Those who are persecuted, and lied about, and defamed, and slandered, and exiled ?C they will be blessed. Remember the prophets, think of how badly they were treated in their time, and be glad if people treat you the same way; because when the Kingdom comes, you will be rejoicing, believe me. ‘The merciful, the kindly, the meek ?C they will be blessed. They will inherit the earth. ‘Those who are pure in heart and think no evil of others ?C they will be blessed. ‘Those who make peace between enemies, those who solve bitter disputes ?C they will be blessed. They are the children of God. ‘But beware, and remember what I tell you: there are some who will be cursed, who will never inherit the Kingdom of God. D’you want to know who they are? Here goes: ‘Those who are rich will be cursed. They’ve had all the consolation they’re going to get. ‘Those whose bellies are full now will be cursed. They will suffer the pangs of hunger everlastingly. ‘Those who look at poverty and hunger without concern, and turn away with a laugh on their lips, will be cursed; they will have plenty to mourn about; they will weep for ever. ‘Those who are well-spoken of, and praised by the powerful, and flattered and fawned over by loud voices in public places, will be cursed. They will have no place in the Kingdom.’ The people cheered at these words, and crowded close to hear more of what Jesus was saying. Christ is Saved by the Stranger But at the edge of the crowd someone had noticed what Christ was doing as he noted down the words of Jesus, and said, ‘A spy! Here’s a spy from the Romans ?C throw him off the mountain!’ Before Christ could defend himself, another voice spoke beside him: ‘No, friend, you’re wrong. This man is one of us. He’s writing down the words of the teacher so he can take them and tell others the good news.’ Christ’s accuser was convinced, and turned back to listen to Jesus, forgetting Christ in a moment. Christ saw that the man who had defended him was none other than the stranger, the priest whose name he had not managed to learn. ‘Come aside with me for a moment,’ said the stranger. They withdrew from the crowd, and sat under the shade of a tamarisk. ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ said Christ. ‘I wanted to be sure I heard him correctly, in case there was any judgement later.’ ‘It is an excellent thing to do,’ said the stranger. ‘Sometimes there is a danger that people might misinterpret the words of a popular speaker. The statements need to be edited, the meanings clarified, the complexities unravelled for the simple-of-understanding. In fact, I want you to continue. Keep a record of what your brother says, and I shall collect your reports from time to time, so that we can begin the work of interpretation.’ ‘These words that Jesus is saying,’ said Christ, ‘they might be seditious, I think. The man thought I was a Roman spy†¦ It wouldn’t be surprising if the Romans did take an interest, would it?’ ‘Very shrewdly observed,’ said the stranger. ‘That’s exactly what we have to bear in mind. Political matters are delicate and dangerous, and it requires a subtle mind and a strong nerve to negotiate them safely. I’m sure we can rely on you.’ And with a friendly squeeze of Christ’s shoulder, the stranger got to his feet and moved away. There were a dozen questions that Christ wanted to ask him, but before he could utter a word, the stranger was lost in the crowd. From the way he had spoken about political affairs, Christ wondered if his first guess had been right: perhaps the stranger was not just a priest, but a member of the Sanhedrin. That was the council that settled all doctrinal and judicial matters among the Jews, as well as dealing with Jewish relations with the Romans, and its members, of course, were men of great wisdom. Jesus Continues his Sermon on the Mountain Christ took his tablet and stylus and moved to a place where he could hear what his brother was saying. It seemed that someone had asked Jesus to tell them about the law, and whether what it said was still valid in the time of the Kingdom of God. ‘Don’t anyone think I’m telling you to abandon the law and the prophets,’ Jesus said. ‘I haven’t come here to abolish them. I’m here to fulfil them. I’m telling you truly: not one word, not one letter of the law will be superseded until heaven and earth pass away. If you break one of these laws, even the least of them, beware.’ ‘But there are degrees, aren’t there, master?’ someone called out. ‘A little sin isn’t as bad as a big sin, surely?’ ‘You know there’s a commandment against murder. Where would you draw the line? Would you say murder is wrong, but beating someone is maybe a little less wrong, and just being angry with them isn’t wrong at all? I’m telling you that if you’re angry with a brother or a sister, by which I mean anyone at all, even if you’ve just got a grudge against them, don’t dare to go and offer a gift in the temple until you’ve made your peace with them. Do that first of all. ‘And I won’t have any talk about little sins and big sins. That won’t wash in the Kingdom of God. The same goes for adultery. You know the commandment against adultery: it says don’t do it. It doesn’t say â€Å"You must not commit adultery, but it’s all right to think about it.† It isn’t. Every time you look at a woman with lustful thoughts, you’re already committing adultery with her in your heart. Don’t do it. And if your eyes keep looking that way, pluck them out. You think adultery is bad, but divorce is all right? You’re wrong: if you divorce your wife for any reason other than her unchastity, you cause her to commit adultery when she marries again. And if you marry a divorced woman, you commit adultery. Marriage is a serious business. So is hell. And that’s where you’ll go if you think that as long as you avoid the big sins, you can get away with the little ones.’ ‘You said we mustn’t be violent, master, but if someone attacks you, surely you can fight back?’ ‘†An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth†? Is that what you’re thinking about? Don’t do it. If anyone hits you on the right cheek, offer him the left as well. If anyone wants to take your coat away, give him your cloak to go with it. If he forces you to go one mile, go two. You know why that is? Because you should love your enemy, that’s why. Yes, you heard me right: love your enemies, and pray for them. Think of God your Father in heaven, and do as he does. He makes the sun rise on the wicked as well as on the good; he sends the rain to fall on the righteous as well as the unrighteous. What’s the good of loving only those who love you? Why, even a tax-collector does that. And if you care only for your brothers and sisters, you’re doing no more than the Gentiles. Be perfect.’ Christ wrote this all down diligently, taking care to inscribe ‘These are the words that Jesus spoke’ on each tablet, so no one should think they were his own opinions. Someone was asking about almsgiving. ‘Good question,’ said Jesus. ‘What you should do when you give alms is to shut up about it. Keep silent. You know the sort of people who make a great spectacle of their generosity: don’t do as they do. Let no one know when you give, or how much you give, or what cause you give it to. Don’t even let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Your Father in heaven will see, don’t worry about that. ‘And while I’m talking about keeping quiet, here’s another thing to be secret about: and that’s prayer. Don’t be like those ostentatious hypocrites who pray out loud and let the whole neighbourhood know about their piety. Go to your room, shut the door, pray in silence and in secret. Your Father will hear. And have you ever heard the Gentiles pray? On and on, yakkety yak, blah blah blah, as if the very sound of their voices were music in the ears of God. Don’t be like them. There’s no need to tell God what you’re asking for; he knows already. ‘This is how you should pray. You should say: ‘Father in heaven, your name is holy. ‘Your Kingdom is coming, and your will shall be done on earth as it’s done in heaven. ‘Give us today the bread we need. ‘And forgive our debts, as we shall forgive those who are indebted to us. ‘And don’t let the evil one tempt us more than we can resist. ‘Because the Kingdom and the power and the glory belong to you for ever. ‘So be it.’ ‘Master,’ someone called out, ‘if the Kingdom is coming, as you say, how should we live? Should we carry on our trades, should we build houses and raise families and pay taxes as we’ve always done, or has everything changed now we know about the Kingdom?’ ‘You’re right, friend, everything has changed. There’s no need to worry about what you’re going to eat or drink, where you’re going to sleep, what you’re going to wear. Look at the birds: do they sow or reap? Do they gather wheat into the barn? They don’t do any of those things, and yet their Father in heaven feeds them every day. Don’t you think you’re more valuable than the birds? And think what worrying does: has anyone ever added a single hour to the length of his life by worrying about it? ‘And think about clothing. Look at the lilies in the field, how beautiful they are. Not even Solomon in all his splendour looked as glorious as a wild flower. And if God clothes the grass of the field like that, don’t you think he’ll take even more care of you? You with little faith! I’ve told you before: don’t behave like the Gentiles. They’re the ones who fret about things like that. So stop worrying about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.’ ‘What should we do when we see someone else doing wrong?’ called out one man. ‘Should we try and put them straight?’ ‘Who are you to judge anyone else?’ said Jesus. ‘You point out the speck in your neighbour’s eye, and you don’t notice the plank in your own. Take the plank out of your eye first, and then you can see to take the speck out of your neighbour’s. ‘And you need to see clearly when you look at what you’re doing. You need to think and get things right. You don’t give meat from sacrifices to the dogs ?C you might as well give a pearl necklace to a pig. Think what that means.’ ‘Master, how do we know that all will be well?’ said one man. ‘You just ask, and it’ll be given to you. You just search, and you’ll find. You just knock, and the door will be opened. You don’t believe me? Consider this: is there a man or woman alive who, when their child asks for bread, gives them a stone? Of course not. And if you, sinners every one of you, know how to give nourishment to a child, think how much better your Father in heaven will know how to give good things to those who ask for them. ‘Now I’m going to stop talking soon, but there are a few more things you need to hear and remember. There are true prophets, and there are false prophets, and this is how to tell the difference: look at the fruits they bear. Do you gather grapes from a thorn bush? Do you look for figs among the thistles? Of course not, because a bad tree can’t bear good fruit, and a good tree doesn’t bear bad fruit. You will know true prophets and false prophets by the fruits they bear. And a tree that bears bad fruit is cut down in the end, and thrown on the fire. ‘And remember this: take the hard road, not the easy one. The road that leads to life is a hard one, and it passes through a narrow gate, but the road to destruction is easy, and the gate is broad. Plenty take the easy road; few take the hard one. Your job is to find the hard one, and go by that. ‘If you hear these words of mine, and act on them, you’ll be like a wise man who builds his house on a rock. The rain falls, the floods come, the winds howl and beat on the house, but it doesn’t fall, because it’s been founded on a rock. But if you hear my words and don’t act on them, you’ll be like a foolish man who builds his house on sand. And what happens when the rain falls and the floods come and the winds beat against it? The house falls down ?C and it falls with a great smash. ‘And this is the final thing I’ll say to you: do to others as you hope they would do to you. ‘This is the law and the prophets, this is everything you need to know.’ Christ watched as the crowd moved away, and listened to what they said. ‘He’s not like the scribes,’ said one. ‘He talks as if he knows things.’ ‘I never heard straight talking like that before!’ ‘That’s not the sort of waffle you get from the usual preachers. This man knows what he’s talking about.’ And Christ considered everything he’d heard that day, and pondered it deeply as he transcribed the words from his tablet on to a scroll; but he said nothing to anyone. The Death of John All this time John the Baptist had been captive in prison. King Herod Antipas really wanted to put him to death, but he knew that John was popular with the people, and he feared what they might do in response. Now the king’s wife ?C the one John had criticised him for marrying ?C was called Herodias, and she had a daughter called Salome. When the court was celebrating the king’s birthday Salome danced for him, and pleased everyone so much that Herod promised to give her whatever she asked for. Her mother prompted her, and she said, ‘I want the head of John the Baptist on a platter.’ Herod was privately dismayed. But he had promised in front of his guests, and he couldn’t back down; so he ordered the executioner to go to the prison and behead John at once. It was done, and the head was brought, just as Salome had demanded, on a platter. The girl gave it to Herodias. As for the Baptist’s body, his followers came to the prison and took it away to be buried. How to cite The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ Chapter 5, Essay examples

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World Peace Essays - Virtue, Ripples, Peace, World Peace, Kindness

World Peace World peace to me is like an eight billion-piece puzzle. It's as if you can only do so much by yourself until you need a helping hand. Just like a puzzle, the world can look perfect for an amount of time until someone decides to destroy its beauty. We all wish that the puzzle would never come apart but in time everything dose. Just like a puzzle, world peace can be put back together, and all it needs is a helping hand. It only takes one person to end the hate, and the uncivil greed. As well it only takes one person to start the peace in which it makes the world seem to gleam. I know that at this time world peace can't be written down on a piece of paper, but it can be seen through our daily actions. No matter what flag you pledge under we are all the same. All this world need is a little love and understanding. Anyone cam promote peace in their community just by lending a hand or giving a smile. A good heart is what helps us to create peace in our community on earth. To have the world find its peace each and every one of us must try and find the good in everyone and everything. Acts of kindness are like ripples in a pond, when you toss a single stone in the water the ripples multiply. The ripple gets bigger and bigger until the ripples cover the entire surface of the pond. The kind acts of a single person are instilled in other to do the same. Kindness will spread and the whole world can eventually be a better place. The world is on the right foot to be working toward a nonviolent environment and trying to end those difficult situations so we have a chance to improve our surrounding. By following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi we have achieved equal rights and we have stopped segregation. There's really only two-steps in working toward total world peace. The first step is to treat others as you would want to be treated and secondly to stop the fighting. Fighting only make's situations worse, so compromise. We should always have our hearts open and be ready to give and if you know this then many others do as well. So, to end the hate and greed, it only takes one person to embark on peace and end the hate and to start the peace that which will never end. That which makes the world seam to gleam. So don't say that day will come someday. Bring on that day because it's not a dream it's a goal that can be reached with just a little effort. So in all, don't ignore the past in the attempt to maintain peace. We must remember the past and learn from it; that is its highest value. If somehow we forget the past, we are truly doomed to repeat it. English Essays